Are you the next super star?
Do you love pop music?

Pop Starz is a new and exciting way to learn all the tricks of the trade. You will be taught to look and act like a real pop star! If you want to have fun, keep fit and love to sing, dance or even lip sync — this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome, all abilities, no previous training required. A safe and friendly environment. All classes taught by qualified teachers with years of industry experience.

During sessions, you will learn how to look and act like a pop star, plus:

The latest dance moves and slick choreography
Microphone technique
How to get star quality and what it takes to have the X-factor
How to lip sink
Latest pop star image - makeup and hair tips
Group singing with harmonies

All students will be involved in our 'Pop Starz Tour’ end of year concert. Everyone will be given the opportunity to perform in a group or as a soloist.